Thanks for joining me.

I started this blog because I have a desire to share my belief in God and the Catholic Church. Wanting to share my belief in God and the Catholic Church stems from the knowledge that I have a lot to learn about my religion. I am a cradle Catholic but have not always lived up to what being Catholic truly means. I have made progress in my journey to become a “saint” as St. Therese of Lisieux would say. That means that I am learning more about my religion, humility, and am trying to let go of worldly “stuff”.

St. Therese of Lisieux is my Confirmation namesake.  That is why I named my blog for her. I was only in second grade when I was Confirmed.  In 1958, I made my First Holy Communion in November and was Confirmed in April and wore my Communion dress for both.  A practice that changed soon after.  Second grade is too young to be confirmed. I chose St. Therese because of how my father spoke about her telling me she was known as the Little Flower.  I had an immediate attraction to her and have come to love her dearly.

I attended a small Catholic elementary school and had the most wonderful sisters who taught there.  They were Third Order Franciscans from Syracuse, New York.  They instilled faith in me.  Being Catholic before Vatican II and attending Catholic school I loved going to Mass, attending Novenas and singing in the choir. Actually, my school day started with the 8:15 Mass.  I loved the Blessed Mother, the saints, the beautiful churches with the three altars, huge, marble columns, altar rails, ceilings that were beautiful frescoes, and the Mass in Latin. Needless to say, when the changes started happening it was hard for me.  I foolishly mistook the changes in the way we did things and how things looked for changes in my religion.  I didn’t leave the Church.  But I wasted a lot of my spiritual life.

After spending most of my adult life working long hours I sustained an injury and illness that changed my life dramatically.  I no longer could work.  My children were grown and out of the house.  It was over two years into this illness that my husband lost his job and we decided to move from the cold weather in the north to the warmth of the southern United States which was much better for my health.

It was at this time that I began to feel a desire for something more in my life. I began praying the rosary every night.  I still only received the sacraments and attended Mass occasionally.  Mostly because of my health issues but laziness was also a factor.   My health improved dramatically.  I was able to have some independence again.  I was able to take up the hobby of quilting.  I joined a guild that did a lot of charity quilting.  This increased my desire for something more.

I began reading books on the saints and the church, and I started to listen to a Catholic radio station late at night.  What I learned is how much I didn’t know.  Thus began my journey back to where I was when I was a child and my dedicating this blog to the Little Flower.

One thing I have learned is that no matter if the seas I sail on in my journey are calm or turbulent, I need God.  Without Him, I can do nothing.  I hope you will visit often. I hope you will share your experiences on this ship called Earth.   I hope we can help each other along our way home.